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Behind The Scenes Of The Louisiana Flood Forecasts with Brendon Rubin-Oster

This week we're talking with Brendon Rubin-Oster, meteorologist at the Weather Prediction Center. Brendon received his bachelors and masters degrees at UCLA in Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences. He's been forecasting for the Weather Prediction Center since 2006.

Brendon worked during the Louisiana flooding and issued several of the Mesoscale Precipitation Discussions, concerning the flooding. We'll discuss the behind-the-scene operations at the WPC and what it's like forecasting for such a high impact weather event. Finally, we'll briefly touch on the media coverage of the event and what he's noticed communication wise.


Weather in Our Backyard

For Dakota, it's still hot in Colorado but relief is on the way! A cold front is on the move and will bring unseasonably cool conditions over the weekend. They're even expecting some snow in the mountains!

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Next Week

Join us next week for a chat with Mike Mogil. Mike is a certified consulting meteorologist who focuses on science & math tutoring, weather education, and also forensic meteorology. See you next week!

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