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Where Weather Meets Insurance with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Bastian

This week the Junkies are joined by Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Bastian of Jordine Lloyd Thompson Reinsurance (JLTRe). Ryan has been in business for most of his life but frequently deals with transactions pertaining to weather and climate. He brings along Brian Bastian, a graduate of Penn State Meteorology. They work together at JLTRe to provide various sectors of business with reinsurance concerning weather and climate risk. Listen in for a conversation unlike any we've had thus far!


Tweets of the Week

Read of the Week

We're introducing a new segment called "Read of the Week". Dakota will give a shoutout and overview of something he's reading recently that he really, really loves.

This week's Read of the Week is The Capital Weather Gang. It just made sense to go with them first as we mention the Gang quite often on the show. The Capital Weather Gang gives daily forecasts for the DC region as well as great summaries of high impact weather. But my favorite part has got to be when they call out meteorologists or organizations who are doing the public a disservice. During the Hurricane Hermine coverage, they blasted a few news organizations for their erroneous coverage. If you haven't visited their site, head on and read up!

Next Week

We'll have on Matt Mahalik from the Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies at the University of Oklahoma.

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