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The Many Shapes & Sizes of Hail with Dr. Ian Giammanco

This week we're discussing a hail study that aims to reduce property losses due to hail and improve weather forecasts and detection of hail. This study is funded by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), leading to the name "IBHS Hail Study". We're joined by the Lead Research Meteorologist of the study, Dr. Ian Giammanco. Dr. Giammanco received his bachelor's in atmospheric science from University of Louisiana at Monroe in 2002. He then went on to to get his master's in atmospheric science and doctorate in wind science & engineering from Texas Tech University. He has served in many severe weather field campaigns including VORTEX 2. Currently he's the Lead Research Meteorologist of the IBHS Research Center while also serving as an adjunct faculty research associate at Texas Tech. Tune in to hear all of the awesomeness the IBHS Hail Study achieves!

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Read of the Week

This week Dakota is reading "How Thinking & Acting Like Meteorologists Will Help Save The Planet" by William Hooke. This book tells a great story about how meteorology came to be and why the skills of meteorologists are so applicable to the current problems we face. I'm just getting started and really enjoying, so I highly recommend it.

Next Week

The one and only Ian Livingston will join us next week! Tune in - it'll be something.

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