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An Outsider's Perspective on Weather Comm with John Malone

This week Tyler and Dakota are joined by friend of the show, John Malone. The guys ask John a few questions to get his sense of how weather is forecast and communicated. They also talk about some of the biggest stories in the weather world including the Oroville Dam, Maine Snow, and more! Listen below, on iTunes, or your favorite podcast provider.

Trending in the Weatherverse:

Read of the Week:

Dakota's read of the week is an article from Space City Weather! Matt Lanza does an amazing job chronicling an epic Houston snow storm in 1885 in his article titled, "Space City Rewind: Houston's Great Snow". He goes through the meteorology and impacts of this snowstorm by digging up old weather maps and newspaper clippings. The research is well done and is presented masterfully - give it a read!

Next week:

Tyler and Dakota are joined by Bob Henson, blogger at Wunderground. Before listening next week, check out his posts at the Wunderground Category 6 blog.

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