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The Importance of Social Sciences in Weather with Minh Phan & Castle Williams of WeatherHype!

This week Tyler and Dakota are joined by Minh Phan and Castle Williams of WeatherHype!

Minh is currently a Master's student in the Department of Geography, Planning, & Environment at East Carolina University. Castle is currently working towards his PhD in the Department of Geography at the University of Georgia. Castle obtained his Master's in Geography last year from the University of Georgia, while both Castle and Minh received their Bachelor's in Geography, also from UGA. Together, they are the hosts of WeatherHype, a podcast for casual weather conversation. They join us to talk all-things social science. Tune in for a unique episode, ranging a variety of topics! Listen below or on iTunes.

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Next week:

We're joined by Joel Gratz of OpenSnow! Tune in for our final show of March and National Weather Podcast Month!

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